September 28, 2011

Air Transat Airbus A330 C-GTSZ LTBA

Air Transat Airbus A330-243  C-GTSZ  
Ataturk Airport / Istanbul 22.08.2011 


  1. I don't know how, but i got a comment thru....i have been trying for several days....I want to thank you for the TWA link a few posts ago...and more important....i have an answer for a question you posed when I posted the Air Italia and TWA Airlines postcard wanted to know the connection...I found the article....but I got to go find will get your answer.....and with bells on it...LOL

  2. ok....well I hope all is well, i know it's been I think I'll do a little window shopping here....since I can get thru....ha ha


  3. I hope you like the TWA t-shirt:)
    I can't see you on my "followers list" any more; this may be cause of the 'comment problem', i'm not sure.
    OK I'm waiting for my answer (as a new post on your blog?) and thank you for teaching me a new English phrase "with bells on it" (new for me):)

  4. let me see if this goes last comment up and vanished..........That is getting to be "A Thorn in my Side"......the comment issue...
    you know I am not referring to you of course!!!

  5. maybe all you have to do is threaten this comment box within an inch of it's life........LOL....I am going to find that article for ya.....

    In fact, not only did I find the postcard, which I love...but I also found a picture of the backside...where someone actually sent it....and with a short message on the'll see....

    I don't know if you like that sort of history stuff...but I love it....esspecially since one day we will be just that as well......

    HISTORY....tis a good thing.....
    you do take really do have a nice place here....!!!!!!!
    talk soon....

  6. I promise I will hush, but I wanted to ask...can you see me as a follower...again.....????????I resubscribed....

  7. unfortunately , i still can't see 'your frequently changed lovely avatar' on the list, but no problem as long as you can write comments.

  8. it is not letting me write my this...

  9. I have to dance a dance....that only pisses me off....but I do know how to get through...but like I say...I want to know a little more than my English speaking ass has gotten..if you don't mind...if I am going to should be a 2 step.....which is 2 , not 1...and only if you don't mind....who am I to ask, when the field is somewhat endless to the English speaking soul...

    how silly of me..I hope you will forgive me...I am under the influence of 2 margaretia's..spelling you can forget....and so goes the rest of the it may be....

    but I Thank you for your guidance with that damn big ass pic of mine I could not center...

    how lovely of you....good nite

  10. My last comment after an early 4 am reread....well, I hope you forgive what I sent as my last commment... as me being a bit on the brash side, and brazen as well...I apologize.....!!!!

    I do not need to know any other thing about please...consider excusing me ....I love visiting here...just the way it is....and my, Melo Dramatic self....meant no harm....


  11. No, No No need for an apologize, nothing to forgive.
    You're welcome here
    İ can understand you (almost, i hope so)
    And please understand that , this is not my native lang., so maybe something missing, what i write here isn't everything i mean
    İs it night there? Goodnight

  12. Thank you for your reply...and for setting my fears to rest!!!!!
    I can really be silly at times....

    and I believe some things said can get lost in translation....I find even with my friends in Canada...sometimes small meanings...and for me...I talk and type fast....impulsive....
    so I need to slow down....

    So....I finally found your answer to the connection between TWA Airlines and Air Italia...I will post soon....The postcard of the 2 jets is really lovely!!!!! plus the backside of the postcard as well....

    so be on the look out when you have the time....
    and as I say today on my site...very simply "Welcome Aboard"....please stay awhile....

    You have a great day...though not sure of the time difference....still....have a great day and night as does follow the other:)))))))

    ...and Thank you again for your reply to my silliness!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Is that not HILARIOUS...!!!!!!my avatar...
    she lost her head....well it wouldn't be the first time!!!!!LOLOL

  14. lets see if I can get my head back on straight, so to speak.....

    mind if I take a cookie on the way out???? ha ha


    ok....there's my head...."THE WORLD IS RIGHT AGAIN...."

    (me being a smartyaZZ)...:))))))))))) LOL....

  15. LTBA Del/Gnd/Twr/App
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Feed Status: UP

    Click on your favorite media player to listen:
    Listen with WinAmp to LTBA Del/Gnd/Twr/App Listen with iTunes to LTBA Del/Gnd/Twr/App Click here to listen if using Real Player Click here to listen if using Windows Media Player

    Or simply listen in your browser:

    Listen right in your browser (in browser, requires Flash)
    Listen right in your browser (in browser, requires Java)
    Listen right in your browser (Standalone Java player)

    LTBA 110950Z 34016KT 9999 SCT030 SCT100 15/12 Q1012 NOSIG

    LTBA Flight Activity
    Courtesy of

    Listeners: 77 out of 2115 total

  16. opps....I didn't leave my message for last comment...............Do you know I can listen to your live

    the world gets smaller everyday....:)

  17. Yes I know, but i never listen! :)
    I need to do something better in my free time(!) But sometimes i listen to KJFK ground, it's funny to hear what my colleagues do on the other side of the world, and funnier to know it's exactly the same :)
    If you're lucky ( :) ), you can hear me on GND/TWR/DEL frequencies.
    Nice day..

  18. Iststatus