December 3, 2012

I left my camera in Paris...

attention pickpocket
What a shame!..

paris metro
metro paris 


Maybe it's time to buy an SLR for me :)


  1. Hey Metin...........!!!!
    OMG.........There's nothing worse, than a "Thief".....
    They should be strung up in the town square..........for all to.......view........!!!!
    I hope rest of your stay in Paris......was wonderful.......despite......!!!
    Would love to hear more about it.......??!!!

  2. :((

    Sorry to hear about the camera...

    Like Julie said, hopefully your trip in beautiful Paris helped ease the pain of losing your camera.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Metin,

    Also sorry to hear of your camera's demise - at least think of the fun you can have deciding on a replacement!!!

    All the best!

    Au revoir!

    Dave from the UK

  4. Hi Julie,
    Hi Giulia,
    Hi Dave,
    Thank you for visit, your good wishes
    Paris is a beatiful city. It was my second stay in Paris (I think I was lucky at first one :) )
    It was nice, despite I couldn't take any photos :) But i can't call it 'a trip'..most of the time i was at Eurocontrol's simulation center, and it's not in the "top ten places to see in Paris" lol
    And now, good to be at home again!
    I made a quick price search, and I decided go to United States to buy a new camera :) At BestBuy's site, they're selling cameras for the half price (of rest of the world). I don't know how Americans do this...Julie?:)

    Good night from Istanbul