March 16, 2012

World's Largest Miniature Airport in Hamburg - Wunderland + Video

Here is the shortest but the best video i could take.. 
Click on the youtube button to watch in bigger size.


  1. I would be playing with the planes...touching everything!

    So cute! Thank you, Metin...

  2. I'm sorry, you can't touch the planes Giulia.
    Because they're moving! Taxiing, landing, taking off.
    That time table at first photo is compeletly correct. Everthing is on time, no delay!
    This airport is alive!:)
    I've recorded a video of this airport, but it's too bad to publish here, because of the people's heads :)

    1. Even if they were moving...I would still touch them, mess things up. :)))

      Again, thanks for posting this! :)

  3. Now this would an Awesome full time job........Metin.....!!!!!

    and looks so real........with such details......
    Too bad,
    no American carriers......should be at least one......what if you want to come to New Orleans???....ha ha

    You should post your video on Bas's forum......I would love to see it.......doesn't have to be perfect........
    perfection is overrated!!!!

    so glad your up and running back on your blog!!!!!!!!!

  4. Metin..........where's your "live track feed" thingie?????
    and you changed your opening pic.......??!!!

    1. Hi Julie
      Live track feed? I don't remember it..It was Foggy , who has a live traffic feed to catch us all:)
      But I have a clustrmap. You see, i should spread to Russia, Canada and Africa :)
      My opening picture..I know old one was better. I'm just playing with them:) Did you like this vintage looking picture?:)

  5. Hi Metin,

    This little airport is FANTASTIC!!!!

    When that plane comes floating through the curtain to land....Brilliant!!!

    It reminds me of the old advert Julie put up on her site some time ago where the pilots practice on a scaled down airport and planes with cameras on the front!

    The whole airport reminds me of a Thunderbirds set....

    Thanks for posting and I hope you are well!

    All the best!

    Dave from the UK

  6. Thank you for your visit Dave!
    I remember that advertisement, and I was doing the same, on my ATC course years, only the cameras were missing:)
    All the best!

  7. Hey Metin,

    That airport is cool isn't it? I posted that vid on my blog waaaay back but it's nice to see it again. It looks so real, awesome stuff!

    Hamburg is not really that far away from me...could give it a try once hehe.

    Take care, good to see a new post! :)


  8. By the way, was it busy there?

    1. Hi BAs!
      Yes it was crowded! but not s bad, you could still walk:) But if you have time, you can give it a try.That Wunderland is a huge model world, not only the airport.
      I've seen the video on your blog.Not the same video, and can't be, because i've recorded this video:) but the one on your blog is more professional:)
      Take care Bas

  9. Yeah I totally typed that sentence wrong lol, knew it was yours :P Sounds like awesome stuff!